Author’s Note

1 April 2533
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Author’s Note

Contained in this book is a transcript of a talk delivered to Police General Chavalit and Khun Tempun Yodmani, together with their friends and relatives, on an occasion of alms-giving in memory of the late Ajahn Chitra Dansuputra

The recorded cassette of the talk was passed on to Ven. Puriso, an Australian Bhikkhu, abbot of Wat Keuan in Ubolrajadhani, by a Thai monk who resided there. After listening to the talk, he found it interesting and thought that its clear and relevant treatment of Dhamma practice would be specially helpful to Western practitioners. He, therefore, translated it into English, had it typewritten and then presented it to me for checking. His enthusiasm for having accomplished the task deserves appreciation and gratitude.

This book is printed for free distribution under the financial help of Khun Parl na Pombejra. May his kind generosity be blessed.

I would like to thank Phramaha Insorn Duangkid for preparing the whole manuscript by the Desktop Publishing Process, Khun Panita Angchandrpen for taking care of the printing process through all its stages and Khun Panya Vijinthanasarn for the cover design.

Phra Debvedi (Prayudh Payutto)
April 1990

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