Author’s Note (Second Impression)

1 April 2533
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Author’s Note
(Second impression)

This book was first printed in 1987, for free distribution, under the financial help of Dr. Charoon Bholanivas and became out of print not long after. This second impression, also for free distribution, has been made possible according to the wish of Khun Vanee Lamsam, who did not only urge the reprint but also sponsored all costs of publication. Her generosity deserves favor and gratitude.

I would like to thank Ven. Puriso, an Australian Bhikkhu, the abbot of Wat Keu-an in Ubolrajadhani, who kindly helped polish the language for this second impression and Khun Panya Vijinthanasarn for the cover design.

My thanks go also to Dr. Grant A. Olson who, sometime after the first impression, read the article on “Buddhism and Peace” and made valuable suggestions for language improvement, many of which I have followed.

Special thanks are due to Phramaha Insorn Duangkid for preparing the whole manuscript by the Desktop Publishing Process ready for printing, saving time, energy and funds, to Khun Chutima Thanapura who helped with proof-reading, and to Khun Panita Angchandrpen who, as with the first impression, has seen the book through all its stages.

Phra Debvedi (Prayudh Payutto)
April 1990

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