Appendix: General Principles of Buddhist Economics (Middle-way Economics)

1 September 2558
เป็นตอนที่ 17 จาก 24 ตอนของ

General Principles of Buddhist Economics
(Middle-way Economics)1

  1. Wise Consumption
  2. Freedom from Self-harm and from Oppression of Others
  3. Economy as a Support
  4. Harmony with Human Nature
  5. Integration with the Unity of Nature


There are other important principles related to middle-way economics, for instance the harmony and integration between open-ended social development and close-ended personal or individual development, but these subjects must be left for another occasion.


N.B.: this appendix is written as a synopsis; emphasis has thus not been given to presenting scriptural source material.

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  1. This appendix was translated by Robin Moore in 2015.

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